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Consult Outsourcing Contábil

Rua Dr. Albuquerque Lins, 635
12th Floor, Suite 123
São Paulo, Brasil
Tel: +55 11 3666 7101
Fax: +55 11 3666 7101


Founded in 1996, Consult Outsourcing is dedicated to providing Accounting, Fiscal, Human Resources and Financial Outsourcing Services.  Specialized in meeting the demands of both national and foreign companies, the firmoffers the necessary expertise and resources for companies already located, or about to be installed in Brazil.

By developing projects on a personalized way, Consult Outsourcing offers more extensive and creative services than the traditional Outsourcing consultants. Additionally, the firm’s emphasis on technical and ethical aspects and focus on the achievement of its client’s goals, greatly contributes to its continuous growth and current status as one of Brazil’s most renowned accounting organizations.

Consult Outsourcing offers your company high performance technical and practical corporate solutions. Focusing on leveraged results, Consult Outsourcing projects are elaborated within a critical and highly detailed vision, resulting in increased competitiveness and added value for your company.

The structure of our work is based on a preliminary diagnosis of our clients’ activities, so a larger perspective of their operational, legal and managing necessities can be obtained.