Strata Assessoria e Serviços Compartilhados Ltda.

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  • Brazil

Strata Assessoria
e Serviços Compartilhados Ltda.

Rua Mexico 111 – 18◦ Floor – Centro, CEP 20031-145
Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brazil
Tel: +55 21 2220 1642


Strata Consulting and Shared Services Ltd. Was established with the objective of providing its clients a wide range of outsourcing solutions through shared services. Our goal is for our clients to focus on the core activities of their business, while we manage the highly complex and constantly changing business and statutory environment that exists in Brazil.

The firm was founded in 2008 by combining three different companies with over 20 years of experience in their respective areas and is currently divided in four divisions: Registration and Paralegal Services, Accounting, Tax and HR Services, Technology, and Business Consulting.

We have a team of 56 employees and 25 associates, among which are: former corporate executives, lawyers, economists, accountants, IT experts, business managers and production engineers. We can communicate with our clients in three different languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish and some German.

Our clients are generally in Brazil or looking to establish their business here. Our international clients usually come from the United States, Spain, Portugal, India and Germany.