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  • Peru

Estudio Morales

Calle Monterrey 373, Piso 4
Surco, Lima 33, Peru
Tel: +511 372 5566
Fax: +511 627 5518

Founded in 1992, Estudio Morales is an accounting firm specialized in outsourcing services, taxes, audit and business consulting. The firm offers the Peruvian business sector, the necessary advice and tools to effectively manage their accounting, taxes and internal control systems.

The firm partners come from leading international audit firms. Our experience and constant training of our team members in international financial reporting standards and tax legislation, allow us to provide high-quality advisory services and the personal attention, partner accessibility and fair prices sought by the professional business sector.

The extensive knowledge we have attained over the years across different business sectors has allow us to create an environment that encourages learning and self-criticism, facilitating the acquisition of management skills and enriching experiences for professional development; projecting our firm as an innovative organization that is agile enough to meet customer needs.