BLITA International is an association that brings together independent tax advisory firms specialized in all areas of tax, accounting, legal services and business consulting at a global level.




Our purpose is to support member firms and their clients to operate internationally, expanding the competitive advantages that a global alliance can provide.

BLITA currently has 32 member firms, a presence in 20 countries in Latin America, Europe and Asia, more than 60 offices and 1750 multidisciplinary professionals who share their experience through a model of frequent, effective communication of great strategic value and that facilitates the exchange of information and extensive knowledge of regional regulations and their resources.

Personal approach makes the difference

We firmly believe that the client experience is one of the most important factors for all types of business relationships, we take the time to listen to our clients, understand their business needs, challenges, ambitions and goals, we connect them with the right firm who will help them achieve their goals in the global market.

International member firms are committed to offering a wide range of specialized professional services of the highest quality in different industries. The local experience of our associated firms regarding tax regulations, culture and business knowledge in their countries of origin, allow them to offer the best solution and advice to maximize your profits and reduce your tax consequences.

Guarantee and quality in the hands of the best international talent

The firms invited to be part of BLITA International are selected based on their reputation, quality of service, professionalism and experience; they are subjected to a strict selection process prior to acceptance. Adherence to these standards guarantees our clients the same high level of quality and know-how across all of our member firms, regardless of their location in the world.




BLITA International provides its member firms with the necessary tools and resources to strengthen their presence in international markets. Through our three pillars of services

  • Personalized referral system
  • International exposure
  • Professional development in the marketing area

We focus on promoting the areas of specialization of each of our members, in addition to generating a collaborative culture among the different professionals that supports collective and individual growth with the aim of operating successfully in the global market.

Each member firm retains its name and sovereignty, membership in BLITA International is granted by invitation only with strict selection criteria based on experience, quality control processes and professional standards. Invitations to become a member of the association are extended only to the highest-ranking companies with a proactive approach and international vision.

Benefits of membership in BLITA International:

  • Enrich your value offer by being part of a growing international association.
  • Exclusivity in your geographical practice area.
  • Referred customers from trusted sources.
  • International exposure of your firm and services.
  • Contact with firms of different specialties and qualified professionals at a global level.
  • International networking events.
  • Acquire professional knowledge in marketing focused on your area of expertise and language.
  • Offer your clients more services and a cross-border business experience with a personalized approach.

Why have an international alliance?

A competitive world with multinationals that provide different solutions to all kinds of needs has led tax advisors to take on new challenges in innovation and transformation of services.

Hand in hand with BLITA International, you can count on a broad global presence and sufficient marketing resources to expand your services beyond your own borders. As well as having strategic professional allies trained in other countries that you can trust.




BLITA International is governed by a Board of Directors that is in charge of applying the strategies of the association, establishing policies, priorities, carefully selecting member firms and managing finances.

The day-to-day operations and activities of the association are carried out by the administrative office located in Miami, Florida, United States. The administration staff is in charge of ensuring quality control among member firms, receiving inquiries, helping members develop an international corporate image, maintaining their marketing strategies, and fostering their professional development.

BLITA International is the trading name of Blackledger International Tax Advisors, Ltd. (“Blackledger”), an England and Wales company (No. 08212166) limited by guarantee. BLITA International is also a registered trademark of Blackledger. Each member firm has its own name and acts independently of BLITA International.

Blackledger is headquartered at Dalton House, 60 Windsor Avenue, London SW19 2RR, United Kingdom. The administrative office of the association is located in Miami, Florida, United States.


Why choose a member of BLITA International?


Today's dynamic and innovative economic environment, increasing market development, ease of communication and easy access to all kinds of information make it easier for companies and individuals to cross various international borders. However, doing business or living in a place that is not your home country requires research, planning, developing business practices, establishing relationships and knowing in detail the tax and legal specifications. BLITA International specializes in helping both companies and individuals overcome the obstacles associated with international expansion, so you can have the peace of mind of having an expert professional who can support you in resolving any tax needs when expanding your business.

By choosing a BLITA International member firm, you will receive the personalized attention of a local company with the ability to assist you in any of your international business. In addition, and as part of our personalized approach, you will have a dedicated business consultant who will introduce you to the member company who will help you with your requirements.

Similarly, our strict admission standards ensure that you will only have access to professionals with a deep understanding of business conditions, tax and compliance regulations anywhere in the world, with the assurance that you will receive superior, high-quality service. quality, and without the high costs associated with working with a multinational company.

The local experience of our associated firms regarding tax regulations, culture and business knowledge in their countries of origin, allow them to offer the best solution and advice to maximize your profits and reduce your tax consequences.