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New money laundering draft bill before Panama’s National Assembly

24 March, 2015

Panama’s Minister for Economy and Finance has drafted a new anti money laundering bill that will strengthen the existing control and supervisory systems for the financial services market, as well as impose obligations on other non-financial sectors.
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Proposed changes to Uruguay’s calculation of personal income tax

8 April, 2015

Uruguay’s government has presented a proposal to treat annual bonuses and vacation pay separately from salary earnings. This proposal would reportedly reduce the income tax liability of 133,000 taxpayers.
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ARGENTINA: Tax amnesty allows untaxed currency to be turned in against credits to buy property

20 March, 2015

A tax amnesty program in Argentina, allows citizens to turn untaxed foreign currency in exchange of dollar-denominated Cedins that can be traded or used to buy housing.
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Chile’s public sector to report suspect financial transactions to tax authorities

24 February, 2015

A new Chilean legislation will now require ministries, municipalities and other public bodies to report suspect financial transactions.
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Turkey becomes observer to Central American Organization

14 February, 2015

Turkey has recently signed an agreement to become an observer to the Central America Integration System Organization, as well as a trade and economic agreement with Nicaragua and Honduras.
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