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  • Spain


Calle Claudio Coello 32,
1ra Planta
28001 Madrid, España
Tel: +34 91 702 2425
Fax: +34 91 702 2449


Mavens is a Law and Economics firm dedicated to provide advice to enterprises, institutions, families and individuals in most of their entrepreneurial, institutional and business activities.

The firm‘s main focus areas include, advice in tax matters, acquisitions and divestments, corporate strategic advice and international advice.

Our professionals are lawyers and economists trained in the best universities, with different languages skills, and post-graduate degrees or oppositions to higher state bodies. They have led the firm to achieve its current leader status and a solid business model.  For this reason our commitment lies on the permanent training of our experts and the significant allocations of resources to achieve better and bigger technology capabilities of the services that we provide.