OPEN DAY: International Advisors Meetings | Barcelona, 2018

Barcelona, 2018

Last Thursday, October 25, we successfully concluded our OPEN DAY Barcelona: International Consultancies at the Hotel Condes in Barcelona.


Entrepreneurs from different sectors and interests were advised of their investment opportunities and international expansion by our expert members in legal and tax consulting from more than 15 countries located in America and Europe.

In the OPEN DAY, we had the opening conference "Perspectives on the global economic environment" by Andrew Q. Barrett, CEO of BCI Securities, and we continued with the free and individual consultancies of the attendees with each of our members.

In the individual consultancies session, private interviews for businessmen and directors from various sectors such as training, real estate, technology, financial services, energy, consulting and international trade took place. These consultations were focused on both general and specific issues regarding taxation, successions, branches, tariff barriers, due diligence, outsourcing, financial accounts abroad, among others.

In addition, participants received guidance on trade and double taxation agreements of Spain with each of the members countries that are part of our international association.

It has certainly been an excellent opportunity for local entrepreneurs interested in the internationalization of their business, where they learned about legal and tax issues related to the market in which they plan to invest and the various benefits and investment opportunities that each region offers.

We thank our hosts LaWants and Castellà for their excellent welcome and cooperation in this important call that was part of our VI Annual Meeting and Networking - BLITA 2018 held in Barcelona, Spain.

We also want to thank each of our members who attended the event and shared all their knowledge in this meeting open to the general public. The success of this OPEN DAY was achieved thanks to the dedication and professionalism of each one.